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Questions to Ponder

Here are some questions to think about before we have our first lesson, and as our lessons progress. This will help you begin your journey with focus (if you are new to percussion), or it will possibly help you refresh your purpose if you are an intermediate or advanced player.

* Why do you want to learn the drums, percussion, or vibraphone?
* What draws you to the instrument you want to learn?
* How far do you want to go with your lessons? i.e. Do you want to be a hobbyist, or a professional?
* What do you think about reading music? Would you like to pursue this skill?
* Would you like to record in a professional recording studio in the future?
* What do you expect of me?

There is NO limit to what you can accomplish

The sky's the limit! There are literally thousands of percussion instruments, and you can spend a lifetime mastering just one! As a trained percussionist, you will be able to explore the breadth of the instrument or instruments that you choose to study.

As an educator, I strive to provide my students with the tools that they will need to explore the direction that they want to take with their instrument. This can include from performing in small jazz ensembles, recording electronic and acoustic drums in major recording studios, to performing with a full orchestra! There is literally no limit to what you can do.

I will provide all the necessary tools you need to advance as far as you would like on both the vibraphone and drumset, and any other percussion instruments you would like to explore. These include:
* Chart reading
* Sight reading
* Learning by ear
* Listening to a song and writing (charting) the drum part
* Stick, mallet, and hand technique
* How to work with an ensemble, from a duo to an orchestra
* And many more!

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